One-in-one-out: “New Flame”

YouTube / Kiran Matharu – via Iframely

Group Members: Bob Rudolph and Kiran Matharu

In these modern times, the idea of romance has strayed from the traditional to be more centered towards technology, with the emergence of Netflix, texting, and the internet. This project serves as a cynical commentary on modern romance by adding a technological twist to a traditional idea of romance.

New Flame is a candle that lights itself when the lights are turned off. It works with an ambient light sensor that controls a servo motor to push down and let go of a button on a lighter. The spark is produced by nichrome wire, a resistance wire that heats up very quickly when provided with large amounts of current. When the lights are off, the servo motor turns and pushes the button on the lighter to make it produce butane. The power source then drives current through the nichrome wire, which heats up and makes a flame with the butane.



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