Physical Computing out in the world

A run-down of some phys-comp related companies out in the world, according to Ray Kampmeier (and Ali)

Branded Experiences

    I like to think we’re the most fun to work for – we specialize in doing things others don’t know how to execute. We also fabricate in-house. We have a really diverse team, which makes us pretty unique (engineers, technologists, sculptors, painters, agency folks, designers, theater and film set designers, architects). Dabblers love us, and people who thrive in an environment of constant challenge and problem-solving. Check out some recent projects that integrate technology on gizmodo and digiday
  • Outform
    I know of these guys because they do a lot of work globally for Apple retail – objects for window displays with integrated / programmed LEDs. Usually they are producing in higher volumes than us, so they have some manufacturing muscle to leverage.
  • Arktura
    This is a very cool company, founded by SciArc grads. They do digital fab in-house – mostly metal work for permanent architectural installations around the globe. Very cool that they have all these tools under their roof.
  • SET
    More traditional agency – a lot of Nike work, etc. In-house Creative, Project Management. No in-house fabrication – all vendor work. HQ in PDX, studios in NY and LA, expanding globally – was just bought by a large conglomerate.
  • Optimist
    Also more of a traditional agency – differs from Guild and SET in that they also do content-creation in-house. No fabrication in-house.
  • Deep Local (in pgh!)
  • Ion Tank (in pgh!)
  • Local Projects (Led by one of Ali’s heros, Jake Barton)

Complex Hardware Prototyping

  • Lime Labs
  • Logic PD
  • KS Technologies
  • Synapse
  • Think2Build

Creative product design firms: 

  • Ideo
  • Frog
  • Smart Design
  • Ziba
  • Design Concepts
  • Minimal
  • Native
  • Fuze Project
  • Artifact

Companies like PTD clients: 

  • Thync
  • Bactrack
  • Mark One
  • Popslate

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