Week 2 Challenge: ESP8266 as IoT node

THE TOPIC: The wonderful new ESP8266 (withits very active and giving community ), is a very viable Internet-of-Things (IoT) helper. In this challenge, we’ll develop instructions for turning this board into a platform for IoT prototyping.

THE CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is to great a set of instructions and a 1-minute-or-less demonstration video that shows how you can use a a wireless ESP8266 node.  Our test case will be to create a network of 3 or more ESP8266, each connected to a sensor (analog or I2C) that can sense human activity around it, and report this activity to a server located in a different place.  A completed challenge will include:

  • 1-minute video of a working demo
  • a Fritzing diagram for the hardware setup of each node and the server
  • the necessary ESP8266 code and server code.
  • per-unit-code of each node should be less than $10
  • each unit should function for at least 1-week, unattended

HINTS: Here are two related project on GitHub and a relevant discussion thread

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