Is it a bad thing to allow corporations into our homes in such an intrusive way? (reading 2)

What are aspects of your life that you don’t want to become “smart”? (2)

What if there was a hack and your information got leaked? Do you feel that this is a significant enough threat to revise your previous answer? (3)

Do you trust a company to be respectful of your privacy if they have so much information on your life? (2)

Do you trust your government to be respectful of your privacy or do you think the lust of a 1984 world would be too much for it? (3)

In what single field do you look forward to interconnectivity the most? (3)

How has iot already improved your life? (3)

If it takes significant resources to reverse engineer a technology and it is already doing societal good, is it worth reverse engineering for the sake of investigation? (1)

Do you think that technological progress should be shaped by the dreams of artists from the pasts or do you think that society is evolving at such a rapid pace that these ideals are no longer relevant? (1)

Is pure science for the sake of science not of worth to a critical engineer? (1)


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