Classification Test #4

Classification Test #4

Project by: Lissa Biltz, Olivia Lynn, and Kevin Wainczak


We require all citizens to take a classification test.  This test is being used to put all Americans into two groups: the straights and the others. The New Administration is requiring this to ensure the moral and spiritual sanctity of our Great Nation. This will allow us to take action to remedy any corrupted sub-groups of our population in the future.

Classification Test #4 is a system that uses three wireless sensors to measure biometric data of users viewing images meant to evoke sexual desire in people who are not straight (or asexual). This project started as a way to innocently help people who are not straight to have a physical “gaydar” aide. The changing political climate has shifted the context of our project into a warning about the dangers of blindly categorizing individuals. The idea began as a concept of a fun toy, but has evolved into an intended harbinger of potential times to come.
The sensors are attached in a way similar to medical and torture devices. Our inspiration came from the Canadian Fruit Test and other historical examples of using faulty tests to determine homosexuality in an individual under the guise of medical legitimacy.  We record and present the test taker’s biometric data to lend our classification a sense of authenticity, to allow the participant to be more fully immersed in the experience.







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