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Entanglement is a networked pair of compasses that point to each other, creating an intimate relationship between the two objects that mimics that of their owners. Each compass uses a Light Blue Bean to connect to the user’s phone over bluetooth. The phone connects to a server and receives the other phone’s location. The user’s phone sends the angle from its GPS location to the other phone to its Light Blue Bean. The Bean calculates the difference between the angle the user is facing based on the attached three axis compass and the angle received from the phone. The resulting angle is then representing on the LED ring, allowing the ring to point towards the direction of the other phone.


  1. Light Blue Bean (bluetooth module)
  2. NeoPixel LED Ring
  3. GY-271 Three Axis Compass
  4. 2 AAA Batteries




The enclosure of the compasses were created with CNC routed and laser cut wood. A sanded ring of acrylic was placed inside the enclosure to act as a diffuser for the light. The bottom of the compass is a press fit piece of laser cut wood with a small hole to take it out.


The wood was sanded and then stained. We added a feature to the compass where it blinks yellow when it’s not receiving the GPS coordinates of the other compass. For the purposes of the video, we changed it to blink when in close proximity to the other compass. We later changed the LED colors to white.







Physical compass enclosure (CNC and laser cut files) & Light Blue Bean code can be found here

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