IoT and Intimacy


One of the classic internet-controlled vibrators, although this has an additional aspect that none of the others have – the shape allows it to be used during penetrative sex, allowing two people to share the experience of the vibrator.

I like this because it goes further than just thinking of the IoT – sure, internet-controlled vibrations are cool, but to think about the product itself and how it fits into the world, and how interesting it would be without any internet connectivity, pushes it a step further for me.
This is a piece that sits on your bedside table and allows you to speak a goodnight message to your partner every night. It prints out the message by the morning on your partner’s identical machine, and prints whatever your partner said to you on your own.

I love the mix of digital and physical – I feel that the printed notes give a sense of reality and permanence that so many other such projects lack.

Mnemograph – Rebecca Lieberman
“Mnemograph is a participatory installation that connects two people via the language of their memories. Sitting at a one-person writing desk, the participant is invited to choose a prompt and anonymously contribute a handwritten memory in response. The participant inserts their memory into a slot in the desk, and, through a process of automation, they get back a print of someone else’s similar memory.”

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