Project Title: Intelligent Biomedical Monitor

Project Creator: Gabriel Santiago

Description: This project uses an Arduino to detect and record vital signs on a patient, which are then sent to the doctor’s office to be analyzed and reported if there is something unusual.

A basic sketch made by the creator on how this device works

How the system detects vital signs

Response:  I love the idea for this project, especially the social good that is possible with an idea like this. An interesting application I thought for this would be using it with organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and in less-developed countries where equipment like this is hard to come by, but is really helpful for doctors to monitor patients before, during, and after major procedures and in life-threatening situations.

If I were to make this myself, I would try to make the monitor more compact and durable so that it could survive harsher conditions and be better suited to use in less-developed areas.