Project Title: Extremely Sensitive Cheap Homemade Seismometer

Project Creator: mircemk

The Homemade Seismometer

Short Description: This project is a small seismometer, which tracks vibrations in the earth and electronically graphs the data.  Vibrations in a needle are converted to electronic signals and used as an analog input for an Arduino.  The goal of this device is to measure earthquakes.  This setup was able to successfully detect a 5.2 level earthquake from over 200km away.

Response:  I think the project is a great example of how an Arduino can be effectively used to collect data from sensors.  I like how simple and cheap, yet effective the design is.  However, the maker states that he needs to contain the seismometer, because the needle is very sensitive.   I think this should be included in the physical design, instead of requiring a special placement for the product.