Project Title: Macchina Poetica

Creators: Alessandra Angelucci, Aris Dotti, and Rebecca Guzzo, who are pursuing Masters of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI

Short Description: This machine registers sounds made from wood, metal plates, and sponges that cover the central box and translates them into words, essentially generating onomatopoeia live. It also spits out “futurism poems” every once in a while for fun. It reads data from various piezoelectric sensors to determine the words outputted.

Response: I think it’s probably not very practical, but it’s a super fun project that uses sensors in a way that’s really unique. It seems very complicated to create but is actually pretty simple to understand.

If I were to change it in any way, I would probably have the words appear on an LCD screen instead, just to make it more sustainable than just constantly spitting out rolls of paper.

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