Project Title: Spooky Teddy

Project Creator: gocivici

Short Description: Spooky Teddy is a two part Halloween project inspired by the rocking chair scene in the movie Annabelle. It features an Arduino-powered self-rocking chair and a teddy bear that rotates its head. Not much is known about the creator.

Response: I think this project is a humorous and creative way of using Arduino. It is a good reminder that not everything has to be practical, and that these projects can be a lot of fun.

If I were to make my own, I would definitely want to incorporate my own twist on the teddy bear. I do appreciate the missing eye and the stitched mouth that the creator did as well. I would also make more of an effort to hide the wires that go between the two rockers, maybe by having them ride along the chair legs or concealing them inside the wood.