True Love Tinder Robot by Nicole He

true love tinder robot gif

This project realistically solved the pressing need of the millennials. Finding true love is not easy. You need to actively engage with the robot by placing both hands on the sensors. Then the robot will do its job of selecting a perfect partner for you on Tinder with a physical plastic hand swiping on a phone screen. It calmly talks to you while it makes decisions.

Literally put your love life in a robot’s hands.

One can view this as a parody of the machine age. One, who’s extremely lazy, can view it as a practical tool. I find the idea of placing both hands on the sensors and watching a plastic hand swiping for you an interesting and meditative experience. I like how the robot talks back to you, takes pauses, as it is giving time for you to make up your mind. Waving the plastic hand around is a nice touch. I don’t really know how I would improve this. Maybe an auto selection mode where I don’t need to place my hands on the sensor?