Project Title: Globe Trotter

Project Creator: Caroline Buttet

Short description: Globe Trotter is a fun interactive and tangible “remote” for viewing user’s travel pictures. It stores pictures and allows the users to browse albums categorized in corresponding country. By touching each country, it will bring up an album and instruct the user to spin the globe back and forth to go through each of the photos.


My Response: Looking at this project, I felt that there was an addition of intimacy and excitement that was added to the idea of browsing travel photos. I think it isn’t particularly necessary or helpful, however, the idea behind it was intriguing as it tried to repeat the experience of “traveling” once again through a tangible object such as the globe.

If I were to take this idea and make my own version, I would keep the globe as a tangible object as the “remote,” but use this opportunity to create an opportunity for those who cannot travel to “travel”. I would change the digital input (instead of the user’s travel pictures) with pictures of locals, local areas, and tourist areas of the country. In addition, add sounds that are corresponded to the pictures for more in-depth sensory experience.