[62-362] Activating the Body | Project 1: Gates | Fall 2019 | Hugh Lee

Final Presentation Photos:





Final Documentation Photo:






How to interact with the machine:


How to use the machine:

The white acrylic box has total of three switches on the front side of the machine. By switching one of the switches it will activate the machine. The first switch from the top has a sleepy face on the left and a smiley face on the right. The second switch has a money bag sign on the left and a no money bag sign on the right. The third switch has a moon sign on the left and a sun sign on the right.

Each switch is intended to express the user’s physical state when interacting with the machine. Depending on which switch is on/off, the machine will determine whether the user is allowed to have coffee or water.

Process images:

The final process of finishing and assembling all the acrylic cladding that disguises the workings of the machine.

Putting the switches on the machine, which provides a simple interaction. Before, I had ideas of more complicated interacting methods.

The inside of the machine. The placement of the pumps and the liquid containers were important.

Finally installing the pumps and putting on the switches to the breadboard.

Getting started. I didn’t know how the switch or breadboard worked. Began with using Zach’s acrylic switches to just understand how it works.

Figuring out the logic before starting anything. I had the idea of what to do, but didn’t know how to implement it.






























Process Reflection: 

One of the difficulties in the process was implementing the ideas and converting it to a logic schematic. Coming up with the idea or fabricating the machine was not as difficult, since I had some experience in fabrication and design; however, it was difficult in expressing the idea in a logic schematic and working with circuits, because of my lack of expertise in electronics.

This project definitely helped me working with electronics and I hope to gain more experience. I would also like to experiment with diverse ways of interaction. I resorted to simple switches because I didn’t have enough time and knowledge in working with electronics.


Logic Schematic: