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Syllabus Fall 2022
Ideate Gallery Link (examples of students’ final projects from previous semesters)
Soft Technologies Facilities Rules (A4, A31)

Sewing Machine Manuals
Brother Manual
Janome HD-3000 Manual
Janome Mod-19 Manual
Singer 44S Manual

Videos for Week 1
00 Introduction
01 Hand Sewing Powerpoint 
02 Cutting Fabric
03 Hand Sewing Stitches (basting stitch, tiny running stitch,
       backstitch, overcast, blanket, appliqué)
04 Hem Stitch (slip)  
05 Hem Whip Stitch
06 Machine Sewing Powerpoint
07 Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Brother) 
       watch if you borrowed Brother or Janome HD-3000
08 Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome HD-3000)
       only watch if you borrowed this Janome model
       Understanding Your Sewing Machine (Janome Mod-19)
       only watch if you borrowed this Janome Mod-19 model
09 Understanding Your Sewing Machine – Singer 44S Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 
10 Sewing Machine Samples (tension setting sample, spiral, square labyrinth, letter)
11 How to Use a Seam Ripper

History of Sewing Machines
Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo, Nicholas de Monchaux

Working With Embroidery Floss
10 Fun Embroidery Stitches
Three Historical Stitches
Basic Stitches for Historical Sewing
Invisible Stitch
List of Great Books to Get Into Sewing

Videos for Week 2
01 From 2-D to 3-D Powerpoint
Heart Sample, use the invisible stitch (ladder stitch) to close up the form once filled with poly fill
03 Flat Bottom Pouch
04 Dart Sample 1 & 2
05 Square Cushion

How to Drape a Basic Bodice
Creating Pattern from Muslin Drapes
Dart Manipulation by Shingo Sato
Sculptural Moulage by Shingo Sato

Olson Mask Pattern
Olson Mask Instructions

Videos for Week 3
Weaving, Felt, Knit, Crochet Powerpoint Part 1
       Weaving, Felt, Knit, Crochet Powerpoint Part 2
02 Felt Sphere Sample
Felt Sheet Sample
Felt Hollow Sphere Sample
Washing and Dyeing Felt Samples 
Needle Felting Sample
07 Smart Textiles Powerpoint
08 Soft Circuit Sample
       one LED circuit
       four LED circuit

The Life-Saving Weaving of Bolivia’s Indigenous Women
Lia Cook and Her Jacquard Loom
Outdoor Felting in Mongolia
Industrial Manufacturing of Felt 
Cat Cave
Understanding Knit Fabrics
Learning About Fabrics 4: Knit Basics
Kobakant: How to Get What You Want
Shape Memory Alloys For Controllable Compression Textiles and Garments
Building the Future SpaceSuit
LED Matrix Shirt
Unfolding Fashion Tech, Book
Infinity Burial Suit FAQs
Lining Yao
Make: Wearable Electronics (book)

Final Project Option: Zipper Pouch
Step by Step Zipper Pouch Video
Canvas Pencil Pouch Tutorial (from Noodlehead)
PDF of Zipper Pouch Pattern

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