This micro course is designed to be self-contained and not require any work time outside of class. Here’s the general flow of the course: Schedule.

Day 1

The first day session has many exercises intended familiarize you with the lab and basic electronic equipment and are essential for developing the vocabulary and skills to fulfill the project.

Arduino IDE and Programming

Elementary Electronics

Arduino with Electronics

You may wish to read the sections Basic Circuits and Physical Computation with the Arduino for a review of terminology and concepts. Also, please skim the Errata section if you have trouble to identify mistakes in the text or general hints.

Day 2

The second day session will continue the technical skill-building, emphasizing how signals can flow from input to output through a digital process.

Optional Exercises

The following optional exercises are included in case any students have prior programming experience and work quickly through the basics. These are not formally part of the course, although students are encouraged to try these out on their own time.

Day 3

After the one-week break, we will resume for a final project build, test, demo, and critique.

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