Assignment 3: Large Hybrids

Due: Feb. 19

For this assignment you will continue to work with your same partner to create an enlarged, inflatable version of your Animal Collage. Your enlargement needs to be at a scale of 1 inch to 9 inches. In other words, for every 1 inch of your Animal Collage, your pattern will be enlarged to 9 inches on your Large Hybrid version. Since you are now intimate with the patterns for your animals – what will you do differently making this a second time?

Some ideas to consider:

  • How does the change in scale affect your choices in color or surface pattern?
  • How will the installation your Hybrid affect our experience of it?
  • Are there changes to the patterns that you envision for the larger version?
  • Lighting can also be a fun element to play with for the inflatables.
  • This is not a holiday lawn ornament. Keep it surprising for us!

Design Parameters:

  • Use mainly the black and white ripstop nylon.
  • Use up to 1 yard of 1 other color (not black or white), but no more.

You will be provided with ripstop nylon to use for this assignment. Please be cognizant of not wasting material as you cut out your pattern pieces – it is our shared resource and will also be used for future assignments.

In class you will be shown techniques for enlarging the patterns, creating inflation inlets, and using fans. You are also welcome to invent your own techniques. Here is a guide for using the HP Designjet T120 Plotter.

Come prepared to share your inflatables with the class for critique. Upload documentation to the class website by one week after the due date.