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music tower top view
music tower iso views

I was inspired by how sound would travel through for an event happening under the music tower. I wanted the tower to physically juxtapose how sound would look or feel like, but still be efficient in spreading sound throughout. To construct this, I constructed a tall, rectangular tower with an open ground and ceiling, capped by all four sides. rectangular prisms make up the four sides as they cross and connect to create holes on an higher altitude.

Music Tower : Tracy Zhang

In the 70s, David Bowie had a musical adaptation of George Orwell’s futuristic-dystopian classic novel 1984. It’s harsh, ridges, structured, dark, pessimistic, and gloomy but also enlighting and inspiring. Thus, as suggested by the theme of the book, I adopted the book flipping motion along with concrete stabilized footing to hold up the weight of the message.

Tracy Zhang: Music Tower

Hello! The song that I chose to inspire my form was Koi geba– by ATARASHII GAKKO!

The song is about being rebels and questioning the world. So I choose to constitute a classical architecture that is very ridge: it uses elements like repetition, symmetry, and rhythms. BUT outside of the facade is strings that comes form the center of the dome that is free flowing and had droplet/ball that falls off of them to show the uncertainty and add a little more playfulness to the tower, much like the song.

The construction was relatively easy. The overall structures are made of basic geometrical shapes that are connected and subtracted from each other to create depth and a sense of grandness.

Musical Towers

Tower 1

For my first tower, I chose to take inspiration from the song “When The Sun Goes Down” by Arctic Monkeys. I used basic geometric shapes, mostly cubes and pyramids to create my tower. I wanted to combine the shapes to create overlapping edges in order to highlight the song’s musical changes. The song starts of slow and then quickly pick ups and becomes more upbeat. With the stable square base I wanted to portray the slow start to the more upbeat vertically stacked pyramids.

Tower 2

For my final tower I took inspiration from a song titled “Te amé” by Enyel C. The tune is very groovy and catchy and the music video is filmed at the beach so I wanted to keep that same vibe with my tower. The top ideally would be moving around in the case of an inflatable to add a sort of wave feel to the tower and the curved objects surrounding the cylinder of the tower would be colored like those donut looking floaties you see at the beach to give the tower some color.

Jasmin Palermo: Music Tower

Hello! The song that I chose to inspire my form was Plus tôt (String Quartet Version) – by Alexandra Streliski

The main elements I considered were that within the song there are very soft and delicate elements combined with overarching and robust symphonies. The circular nature of the song is another element I wanted to convey in physical form.

In the draft, I was limited by geometric forms, but for my refined tower I wanted to translate the flow of the song into very organic shapes, and consider that someone would be interacting with it which I hadn’t done previously.

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This attempt at creating the tower felt a lot more in tune with the music, as the soft curves and thin base give it a delicate and sophisticated nature.

Unfortunately, I had issues disassembling the tower. I separated it into distinct parts, but unfortunately, there was a lid on some parts which made it unable to squish. I reached out to Charlotte once more and I am working on figuring it out. Thanks!

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Music Tower | Bridget Doherty

I started playing with rough geometric shapes and came out with an almost brutalist sculpture situation? This has been my favorite piece of classical music for nearly 8 years and the percussive nature of the music has always drawn me into it, as well as the give and take between melodic sections and the driving parts. I think the sculpture/tower I created pays homage to both of those aspects at once, and I particularly love how it would seem to be out of balance with itself and cantilevered, that sense of tension makes it that much more interesting to me.

Isometric views

Top view of the tower

Parts layout minus the sphere (she won that fight, unfortunately).

Link to Rhino file

Music Tower

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The piece of music I chose makes me nostalgic and also happy and positive, so I wanted to convey the conflicting emotions in my tower with the geometries I utilized. The tower is solely orthogonal geometries and transitions to more curved forms to express the dynamisms of the song as you travel through the space. The deconstructed nature of the forms reflect a similar effect that the song conveys.

Music Tower- Jocelyn Kiefel

I was having difficulties with unrolling any curved surfaces, so I’ll update the picture when I figure out that aspect

File for the tower:

Song Inspirations:

Other People by Beach House:

Perhaps Love by John Denver:

City Of Roses by Sufjan Stevens:

About the tower: The songs listed are some of my favorite songs and when listening to them, I started to notice this connecting theme of hoping to escape to a dream world or dreaming of an alternative reality. I tried to bring this idea to life by creating a tower which features ladders leading up to a city skyline atop a cloud. It represents these personal, ideal worlds that people create in their own minds.

Music Tower – Jamie Espinosa

This tower is inspired by the song “Luna Llena” by Arca. This song represents a lot to me given its connection to trans-lyricism whilst coming from a Latin artist, which resonates a lot of my own personal life. This song is about empowerment, coming to terms with owns gender, expansion, acceptance, and love.
Rhino File