7.1. Day 1: (Jul 5) Welcome!

Notes for Jul 5, 2017. See also the Calendar.

Welcome to the SAMS electronics lab! We will be working together to learn basic electronics and embedded programming and apply it to making a pinball machine. The technical content of this course will borrow heavily from my Introduction to Physical Computing offered each fall in IDeATe. We will explore many of the exercises which cover electronics and embedded programming.

Where it will diverge is the project: I have built many machines, robots, and kinetic sculptures, but only two pinball machines, so we will be figuring more of that out together. There will be much room for working out the technology while also exploring artistic and game design ideas.

Please review the Syllabus to become acquainted with the formal requirements. This blog will be a place for examples, links to related material, and ongoing progress documentation.

7.1.1. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    1. Course web site
    2. IDeATe resources: PhysComp Lab, cluster laptops, fabrication, material, etc.
    3. Policies and procedures
    4. Headshot photos
  2. In-class
    1. Mutual introductions.
    2. Examination of last year’s prototypes.
    3. Hands-on electrical experimentation.
    4. Short electrical theory discussion.
    5. Meters and breadboards.
    6. Exercises (as time permits):
      1. Continuity Tests. Resistance measurement.
      2. Bench, Battery, Grid. Electrical safety, voltage measurement.
      3. Power Switch and LED. Voltage and current measurement, controlling current with a switch.