7.3. Day 3: (Jul 7) Analog to Digital

Notes for Jul 7, 2017. See also the Calendar.

7.3.1. Notes from Day 2

  1. Breadboard technique.
  2. Debugging heuristics.

7.3.2. Agenda

  1. Assignments
    1. Arduino Introduction. Basic description, finding Arduino software.
    2. Coding, Compiling, Deploying. Running several sample programs, modifying code.
    3. Soft Blink. Introduce several programming fundamentals by fading the onboard LED.
    4. Read Switch Input. Read a switch input as a binary digital value.
    5. Sensor-Driven LEDs. Control LED brightness using sensor data.
  2. In-class
    1. Electrical theory review.
    2. Arduino introduction.
    3. Exercises in pairs.
      1. Groups for today: (MA, CF) (IB, SE, TH) (EF, MT) (BD, KM)
      2. One partner takes responsibility for the circuit and one for the software.
      3. Switch roles periodically.
      4. Teach each other. Help each other.