7.4. Day 4: (Jul 11) Review and Actuators

Notes for Jul 11, 2017. See also the Calendar.

7.4.1. Notes from Day 3

7.4.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    1. Friday bus schedule: the 93 leaves at 3:16PM from Craig St, arrives at 4326 Butler St at 3:31PM. The next bus leaves at 3:46PM.
    2. Returning: the 93 leaves 4326 Butler St at 4:32PM, arrives Craig St. at 4:45PM. The next bus leaves at 5:02PM.
  2. Assignments
    1. Servo Sweep. Drive a servo motor along simple trajectories.
    2. Unipolar Drivers. Driving solenoids, relays, large lamps, and unidirectional DC motors.
  3. In-class
    1. Basic electronics problem set (done individually).
    2. Discussion of actuators.
    3. Actuator exercises in pairs.
      1. Groups for today: (MA, KM) (BD, CF, SE) (EF, TH) (MT, IB)
      2. Take turns, discuss with each other.