Submitting Projects

Create a .zip file as instructed in the Project description. Make sure it has the right files, right file names, and right level — typically files will be the top level of the zip file, not in a directory in the zip file.
Make sure submissions are anonymous (for peer grading). You will lose about one letter grade if your submission is not anonymous.
Log into
Use the Project tab and upload the project.
After a reasonable delay (depending on submission size and server load), you should get an “autograde” and comments to explain what was wrong if anything.
You can resubmit up to the deadline (and beyond if you wish to accept a late penalty).
Last possible submission time is the end of peer grading, usually one week after the submission deadline.
After the submission deadline, peer grading begins.
You are expected to grade 3 submissions from your peers: Look under the Project tab after the start of peer grading.
You may do extra peer grading for extra credit.
Please review the additional instructions to peer graders you will see each time you go to do peer grading.