Emotions – Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge Light Show

Douglas Gearhart Amanda Jin We seek to represent and elicit a collection of universal emotions using the lighting panels on the Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge. The show attempts to illustrate common attitudes or actions associated with each emotion with a curation of colors and various patterns and 2-D movement. Throughout the show, the viewer will
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Team Members: Spencer Bowman, Jina Lee, Jonathan Li, Shalini Rao Our project takes the audience on a journey through space. We take off, travel through all the planets, and experience an explosive ending. Galactic brings the night sky down to Pittsburgh in an interpretive and an expressive way. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tt13do4kBxI4LEUm5X1ESKGIhbLqAk4l/view?usp=sharing