1A – Basic Circuits Project – Heated Jacket

Group Members: Ronald Chang, Bryan Gardiner, and Maddy Varner
Roles: Ronald as Scribe, Bryan as Designer, and Maddy as Tutor


The purpose of this project was to create a functional heated jacket that warmed up as you buttoned it up. By using the buttons already in the jacket, we could make the technology seamlessly integrate into something we use every day. Also, the technology is used in a logically consistent way (buttoning up your jack makes you warmer) so that the jacket’s warming feature is intuitive.


Technical Notes

The circuit in the jacket is actually two separate, identical circuits with a battery, a switch and a resistor. The switches in our circuits are the two buttons on our jacket, and the resistors are each 50 ft of 30 grade PTFE High Temperature Stranded Wire. The batteries we used are 11.1V 2.2A lipo batteries.

In order to provide heat, the resistors must be discharging enough Wattage, which can be found using the equation P=V2/R. Since V=11.1 and R=5, the Wattage generated by each circuit is 24.64 W. Therefore, if both circuits are running, the total Wattage warming the user’s body is 49.28W. Heated clothing on the market is usually around 48 W, so ours is only slightly warmer (an added bonus in Pittsburgh winters). Fortunately, due to the control the user has, if this is too warm, the wearer only needs to unbutton a button to reduce the heat.

Our circuit diagram

Our circuit diagram


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