1C – Dream Machine – LISTEN.

Jake Scherlis- Designer, Jonathan Ortiz- Tutor, Kaan Dogrusoz- Integrator, Myles Blodnick-Scribe


Ideas can be either great or terrible, but can be propelled in polar opposite directions based on the owner of them. Ideas hold unlimited potential, and should be held to standard leaving the message unequivocal and unbiased from the author. With this in mind, we create an anonymity device that separate the author from his idea. This was done by creating a mask that would have the user talk into a distortion mic. The analog input would then be shifted by pitch by a random amount depending on voice volume amplitude levels. The audio then would be output through two speakers that were embedded into the front of the mask.

Technical Notes

The basic frame of the mask is a fencing helmet. The helmet contains a single NeoPixel LED strip, a former webcam microphone, and two portable speakers that were mounted into the front of the helmet.