Day Nine


  1. Test your ID card in lock before end of class
  2. Schedule changes
  3. Pd exercises

Git hint: for a read-only checkout of the course materials, you can skip the history, which will save space and go faster:
git clone --depth 1

Be sure to pull an updated version of the course materials from github each day, the materials are frequently changing.

Pd on a Mac is defaulting to Airplay output; be sure to set the default audio device to ‘built-in audio’ using the Media menu.

For Mac OS X we recommend the 32-bit version of Pd, not the 64-bit version.

The Arduino IDE versions 1.0.5 is missing the LED_BUILTIN definition for the Uno; the OneInOneOutASCII sketch has been updated.

Windows serial ports have a name beginning with COM, e.g. COM12.

Serial ports (e.g. your Arduino) can only be opened by one program at a time. You may need to close the Arduino IDE for Pd to connect properly.

The LED PWM exercise should be rewritten to use Pin 3; Pin 2 won’t generate a proper PWM signal, our mistake.

The Arduino Pd exercise depend on libraries not included with Pd vanilla. The simplest solution is to use Pd-extended.