1C – Dream Machine – Revolving Reflections

Group Members:  Zade Delgros as Integrator, Marc-Daniel Julien as Tutor, Zac Mau as Scribe, Kaitlin Schaer as Designer.



Acting as one small piece of the visually and musically symphonic Dream Machine, our instrument, Reflections, adds an expansive but calming atmosphere to the greater composition. The idea behind our machine was to visualize the sound variables of beat, tone and tempo through a series of lights bouncing off mirrors that correlate to the variables; in effect the light would bounce around and behave in accordance with the rhythm. In addition to the reflecting light, we incorporated a Rain-Maker effect, by adding bits of steel and plastic inside the rotating disks, we allowed for a steady and satisfactory rain sound that also matches the music. Best experienced in the dark with a single light source projected onto the mirrors, Reflections adds both a sonic and visual cascade to the Dream Machine.




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