1C – Dream Machine – Familiar Sights

Group Members: Sara Johnson, Riya Savla, Daniel Hua, Joe Mallonee, and Aditi Sarkar
Roles: Sara Integrator, Aditi as Scribe, Daniel and Riya as Tutor, Joe as Designer


Dreams can feel so real that once we wake up we question whether or not we were ever sleeping in the first place. Dreams enable us to fly, to achieve our goals, and to morph the world around us into what we want it to be – even if it’s only in our head for a brief amount of time. Technology enables us to shift the reality of the waking world which we share more tangibly with others, and technology’s impact is so large that it can be easy to lose sight of the distortion that it has on our environment. The enchanting and positive end results that technology provides us with are often viewed as the full picture, it allows for our dreams to move into reality – think of flying in planes or skyping with a friend thousands of miles away – but far too little is the question of value being asked.


Technical Specs

Familiar Sight is composed of user positionable webcam, used to scan the outside world, and a central projection unit that takes the webcam video and transmits it into a dream world. The projection unit is made of a Pyrex mixing bowl filled with water through which the projection comes out to hit the ceiling. As the tempo of the music increases, the solenoid increases the frequency with which it’s attachment strikes the surface of the water, distorting the imagery. In accordance with tone we used PD to make changes to the video input via a portable webcam, while the loudness of the music affects the opacity and brightness of the projection overall.

Tempo: Solenoid

Tone: PD Different

Loudness: Opacity/Brightness

dream machine_schem final

Circuit Diagram