Final Project Sketch – KineControl Modular Music

By Maggie Burke & Daniel Hua

2014-12-01 08.42.46

The KineControl is a modular device worn on the ankles and wrists used to control different parameters of music. Each band will contain a LightBlue Bean, an infrared light emitter strip, an infrared light sensor, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a button. The Bean’s built in accelerometer and the 3-axis gyroscope sense the band’s position and speed in space, the infrared emitter and sensor help the bands sense their proximity to each other, and the button will allow the user to make program changes. Each band is communicating data via Bluetooth Low Energy to an iPhone/Android phone worn on the user’s chest. The phone will be sending OSC data from the connected bands and it’s own built in gyro & accelerometer to a computer running MAX/MSP.