9.22. Day 22: (Nov 14) Project Work

Notes for 2016-11-14. See also the Fall 2016 Calendar.

9.22.1. Notes from Day 19

Selected quotes from your Children’s School posts:

”...kids don’t really need a lot of technology to be captivated.”

”...the kids loved tactile things more than I had imagined...the kids loved touching the shadows and the blocks. They did not really care much about the color or visuals, but almost entirely about being able to feel and stretch to the lights.”

“One realization...was how much collaboration engaged the children.”

”...children were more interested in exploring tangible interactions with objects rather than the principles they were trying to show.”

“During the exploration of projectors, I saw each of the children sticking to one particular task...each child was drawn to something in particular.”

“A single device that can be used in any number of unique ways (even ways never intended by the developer, like examining one kid’s inner nose for snot) but still provides 1:1 feedback for every action the kids perform.”

“The smaller kid kept trying through sheer willpower, and I think he kept trying to prove to himself that he could do it himself, judging by how he would sometimes reject help from the teachers [regarding the tricycle].”

“I believe they were in the autonomy stage where they wanted to solve problems themselves. I was surprised to see the worse driver persevere and try to figure out how to ride this bike with the help of his peer.”

“Also I noticed that the children really like different textured surfaces....”

“I noticed that many of the children create stories in their head, and the way they interact with others and objects is largely rooted in this imaginary world that they created for themselves.”

9.22.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • Potential dates for on-site testing: Nov 28-Dec 6
    • Nothing can stay set up overnight on Dec 2 or Dec 3 (Fri/Sat)
    • Proposed first critique: Mon, Nov 21.
    • Proposed final critique: Mon, Dec 5. Who is also available in evening?
  2. Assignments
  3. In-class
  • Progress reviews for each group.

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