For our project, we wanted to create a machine that would draw on a piece of paper while the piece of paper was moving on the motors. To do this we used paper towel rolls to mount out fabricated material. For our fabricated material we laser cut some cardboard to hold the pens that we would be using. Other than that we experimented with different papers to use on the motors and manipulated the python script to our liking, by using randomly generated torque values. Our main objective was to create a machine that would create some form of drawing on a paper.

This project didn’t necessarily have the outcomes we expected. We were originally going to make the pens move via the motors and mount the paper up but that proved to be harder to do. On our next iteration, we noticed that it was difficult for the paper to stay in place and not get dampened in the center of the paper causing the pens to not be able to reach the paper itself. We also were able to get the motors moving in interesting directions but the paper didn’t move as much as possible. That being said, we were able to see how to work with our fabricated materials in coming up with a working prototype. If we had more time we would have experimented more with the ranges of movement of the paper and trying to make the pens not stay in one place. We were able to fix the stabilization of the paper on the motors by adding paper towel rolls as buffers to make sure that they had a more stable platform to rest on. Trying to get this project to work did teach us a lot about how to work with the suitcase mechanism and we were able to achieve a lot of the goals we had set for ourselves.

Live Performance


Fabricated Hardware

This was laser cut so the markers could perfectly fit and be held up. The tube was cut and then hot glued to it to board to hold the markers up.
We cut these tubes and then places them onto of the spinning wheels so that the paper would move smoother on top