What is the artisitic Inquiry?

Moving Pictures and Animation date back to 1908. There have been tremendous efforts and commitment to bring life into inanimate objects.

There seems to be an intrinsic need to give purpose and life to inanimate objects. We start at a bunch of oil paints on a canvas and we open ourselves to a brand new world.

Animations have been tied to a 2d plane but that restriction can be removed with a device called a Zeotrope. Zeotropes go back to the 19th century but the way they have been reimagined is extradoarnary.

Pixar’s Zeotrope that was inspired by Studio Ghibli

Movement in the basic things around us

This doesn’t have to be tied to various sculptures with just slight modifications. It can be seen in the world around us.

John Edmark at Stanford has discovered mesmerizing ways that a simple pine cone or flower can come to life.

The opening of Flowers

John Edmark has done a wonderful realization that the pattern is self-repeating and with the proper sculptures it can be just mesmerizing to look at.

Various 3D printed Blooms. Objects that put you in a trance

The above is just mystifying to watch and for me, it puts me in a trance and gives me a sense of tranquility.

The Basic Human Need

  • Giving life to inanimate objects. (Being Creators)
  • To Feel Wonder and be mystefied.

You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled.

Alfred Borden from the Prestige

The How?

The main Plan

Is to have four sculptures each going through outward growth and inward growth. There would be a strobe light that shows the piece.

Every now and then the strobe light would turn off and each of the pieces would spin in the other direction.

Rough Plan

The idea is to have 4 servo motors with a bloom sculpture on top of each. There would be two strobe lights a black backdrop behind it.

We can have a Controller of the light that will allow everything to go dark and come back on. During those “blackout stages,” the spins are reversed.

A rough sketch of how the setup might be

The Material Needed

  • 4 Servo motors
  • 4 Bloom Structures
    • It could be a pine Cone from the back yard
    • Some Scultures onlines
    • We can creat our own bloom through this link
  • Arduino To control the Servo Motors
  • A black backDrop to have a uniform Canvas
  • Strobe lights to let the image linger on the eye

Other References


Gregory Barsamian