Brief Physical Description

The electronics of the suitcase will consist of: 3 IR distance sensors, 3 linear actuators, 1 speaker.
Two-directional flexible grid slats allow linear actuators to smoothly travel and elevate the tiles from below.

Paper cut-outs of sports game audience members will be placed on a flexible mat of tiles. An IR distance sensor on the left, right, and front of the suitcase will detect close movement at the sides of the suitcase. A speaker will be set up on the lid of the suitcase. A linear actuator on the left, right, and front floor of the suitcase will extend below the flexible mat to cause waves in the mat in all three directions.

Brief Statement of the Artistic Premise

What is your artistic inquiry?

  • How can an interactive celebration be packaged into a suitcase?
  • How can the audience become both the source and a member of a movement within the suitcase?
  • How can visuals, sound, and sensors be used to create an immersive experience within the suitcase?

How is this idea expressed using movement and behavior?

Once an object is detected by a distance sensor, the linear actuator at that side begins to move outwards in order to cause the cut-outs above to move upwards and simulate a wave. Crowd cheering noise will also play from the speakers in the suitcase’s lid.

By placing motion sensors on the left, right, and front of the suitcase, the robot is able to detect when a hand is waved at close proximity to one of the three sides of the suitcase. In response to this motion, a celebratory wave will propagate to the other side of the suitcase.

How and why is your work related to the suitcase?

This image was inspired by sports game crowd waves captured on the television. The energy, unity, and joy never fail to come through the n x m rectangular frame of the TV and into your living room. The emotion is further conveyed through the use of sound.

The suitcase’s rectangular bounding box has the same potential to capture the energy, unity, and joy of a waving crowd. By supporting audience interaction and (limited) customization, the viewer can not only feel the energy but become both the source and a member of the movement.