Inspired by the feeling of “attention” in different contexts, this thought experiment system features a robot that puts its “focus” on a subject, and allows the subject to react to the robot’s studying. This idea can be pushed in multiple directions, whether it is the subject’s goal to keep the attention of the robot through an interesting performance, or an intense staring contest with the robot/yourself. Generally speaking, the robot’s behavior should inspire human behavior, which then informs the robot’s behavior again, creating continuous interaction- seeing how the elements (robot, subject, and audience) react to one another is the focus, and not so much the robot itself.

“Some people dance on camera, while others shrink away…”

“How do you feel when you see yourself?”

One of the goals was to challenge the idea of going to observe a piece, making the audience subject to observation too, whether it is by the robot or by the rest of the audience. The experiment also seeks to explore the feeling of “all eyes on you”, and how individuals may react to attention.

As indicated above, there are two early ideas for what the suitcase might look like, depending on direction and idea development. 01 focuses on surrounding/overwhelming the subject, while 02 looks to create a one-on-one confrontation. Camera(s and mirrors) attached to arms extend from the suitcase- these point towards and “focus” on a subject once it enters a specific area, following its motion as if it were watching.

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