On Thursday, we had some rough pieces tied together.

It was 6 piece Frame taped on a servo motor.

The frame rate was a 50 % duty cycle of 24 Hz. The micro steps was set to one eighteenth.
We set this to two revolutions per cycle
So the command was
v x 6400

First Try

On Saturday, We readjusted the plate and drilled it down to the servo motor.

We also though it might be best to adjust the duty cycle to 10 percent. We read online that this would adjust the motion blur that we might see.

Decided to do full steps on the servo motor so we removed M0, M1, M2,

We looked deeper on the math.

We considered the basic animation of 12 frames a second. We had in this concept 6 figures. To show 12 of them we needed to do 2 revolutions a second.
v x 400

The strobe light was set to 12 Hz. So the period of repetition is set to 83 ms.

This is what the effect looks on camera.

Adjusted Zoetrope