In the past week, we’ve managed to get a prototype of a tentacle. The tentacle is made from 4mm polyethylene, which was a bit too heavy for the fan to extend quickly. The string was passed through the tentacle in a way that would allow the tentacle to fold and still be able to get actuated. Currently, we’re working on adding a pulley to the dc motor so we can better pull the string, but the dc motor actuation code itself is written.

We’ve also made a quick prototype of a lasercut tentacle that we’re planning on attaching to a servo.

I forgot to get an actual pic of it but it’s been lasercut and it flops

For the lighting, we’re thinking of using photography gels with the spot lights we used from the previous suitcase assignment, but mounting it above or outside of the suitcase.

Speaking of the suitcase itself, we’ve begun CADing it, but won’t lasercut it until we have a better understanding of the scale, and might attach some of the electronics directly to the case.

case is currently 20″ by 15″ and 6″ deep in the bottom section, and 4″ deep on the top half