What we have worked on so far:

We wanted to try an emulate a conveyor belt. That was our main goal to accomplish by Tuesday. So our demonstration below, shows a stepper motor moving for a set amount of time and one being stationary. (We will probably use something else to hold the bearing in place for the final project) We took the belt on the fixed bearings and positioned it on a board. We ran into an issue where taping the motors didn’t provide enough tension to keep the motors in place, so one of us held it down in the videos below just to provide that tension.

// our attempt at creating a functioning conveyor belt
// our attempt at seeing what would happen if the belt had the magnet attached

Our goals upcoming:

  1. Design a way to mount the motors such that tension is provided
  2. Move the bearings at a further distance to use a longer belt
  3. Start configuring our magnets and fabric to create interesting movement
  4. Figure out how to make the Arduino code allow the stepper motor to move in a continuous motion
  5. Design something to hold the bearing/belt instead of a second motor that doesn’t do anything