Our installation is a machine that has a conveyer belt with people moving on it that represent the population of India.

We have iterated using the claw mechanism to a swinging Gavel that represents the judicial system to select and reject the people on the conveyer belt.

We will be using a hand crank which will allow the guests to interact with the installation as they make the conveyor belt move and initiate the gavel’s rejection mechanism. Their participation is intended to make them realize how we all involuntarily or voluntarily are a part of this injustice happening against human kind.


All the boys named Alam have gone missing and the guest is being blamed of being a accomplice. 

  • The guests are curious to find out why they are blamed for a missing child.
  • The guests are involuntarily participating in the act of rejecting undocumeted citizens from the society.


not so long ago I had a student named Alam, a very naughty 11 year old boy.

Everyday it was the most difficult to get his attention, but in a few weeks he was the one to ask me to stay longer and teach more.

One day the India- government decided to amend their national Citizen Register.

That day and today, I never saw any Alam again.

Turn the Crank to find missing Alam.

Experience Goals

  • Guests will enter the space with a mysterious curiosity. (To find missing Alam)
  • Guests will be stunned and reminded of the inhuman treatment of the immigrants and undocumented citizens. (the rejection system)(stunned by the sound the gavel makes)
  • Guests will realize their involuntary participation in this hateful act. (by choosing the incorrect leader/not bothering about the community, hand crank/button)
  • Guests will think about the condition of the humans sent to noman lands or detention centers. (Cluster of people trapped in the wooden box representing an open wagon/detention center)
  • Guests will learn about how many people have been displaced because of this act. (LED board with a progressive count on the wooden box)
  • Guests will immediately feel regret/shame for participating in the act (hands around the table start protesting – slogans in bg) 
  • Guests will learn about the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act and its impact on the people. (information in posters and half sheets)

Emotional Arc

The design aims to instill the following arc of emotions:  

  • Interest- Guests start with a sense of curiosity to figure out the mystery behind Alam missing and why they are being held responsible for it. 
  • Surprise- They are surprised by the gavel knocking certain people off the conveyor belt.
  • Disgust- They feel disgusted to see the condition of humans in the box/ detention centers. 
  • Sadness- They are sad to see how many innocent people have lost their livelihoods by being detained. 
  • Anger- They feel angry to have participated in this act voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • Rage- They are filled up with rage to help the cause of injustice against immigrants and undocumeted citizens.

Seeing (What do guests see)

  • Guests will view the poster which says do you have an alibi?
  • Guests enter the exhibit and see text – Are you innocent? Turn the crank! (where is this text?)
  • Guests will turn the crank and the lights on conveyor belt will light up and it starts to move.
  • Guests will see the box in front of the table light up collecting the falling people.
  • Guests will see the LED screen on the box lid with the number count rising. 
  • Guests will see the hands light up, start protesting, and hear the slogans. (What are the slogans, make it chaotic)
  • Guests will see the question – Did your selection do them justice? (where is this text?)
  • Guests pick up the CAA, NRC information pamphlet placed near the exit.
  • Guests exit the space. 


  • The injustice happening with the undocumented citizens
  • The contribution of the guest in this injustice either voluntarily or involuntarily by choosing racist leaders or supporting unjust laws or simply by not saying anything. 
3D Model – Front View
3D Model – Side View
3D Model – Lighting Exploration
3D Model – Lighting Exploration
3D Model – Top View