I started experimenting with different timings and bindings of each keyframe. My main choreographic motif was to make both parties a dancer in a larger composition. Rather than trying to perfectly match timings between human and machine, I tried phrasing the piece as a conversation between two separate entities.

The piece starts with an introductory section that puts the two in tandem, mirroring a left and right shimmy to get the audience to associate the two as partners. Then, the two arms take turns having solo performances marked by going limp when their turn is over, giving the feeling of being ‘unplugged.’ Finally, the two arms coordinate again for the finale, giving a strong vertical finish that mirrors that of the beginning.

Most of my time went into both figuring out the overall direction of the “plot” of the choreography and the timings and duration involved in each phase. In the future, I’d love to dive more into the program itself, trying new elements and adding custom geometry to the arms.