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Dinner Partner – Final Report – Matt & Karen

Project Narrative Our performance consists of a person who used their knowledge in robotics to create a structure that fills a void from loneliness and their inability to…

Project Outcome: Kate and Doris

The Dissatisfied Artist by Kate and Doris Project Introduction: The initial project description read as follows: The overall idea is to create a drawing robot that makes drawings…

Final Report—Richard + Janice

Chewing RobotJanice Lee, Richard Zhou I. Project Objective Our project focused on the ethical questions surrounding biomimicry and the moral ambiguity of accurately giving animate qualities to…

Final Report – Rebecca & Lauren

Title of Work: Percussion Plant Project Statement: The purpose of the percussion plant is to represent and simulate the relationship between humans and plants in a more lively…

Prototype Progress | Karen and Matt

Prototype Progress: Kate and Doris (as of 11/22)

Forgot to post! Also I(Doris)didn’t go to saturday work session so progress is slowed.

Prototype Progress – Lauren and Rebecca

We are still working through our programming, so we don’t have any new movements currently although the midi board is working now.

Prototype | Karen & Matt

Proof of Concept 2 | Karen and Matt

Proof of Concept 2 – Lauren and Rebecca