In this exercise, I defined a few poses within the poses dictionary:

-move straight up with link2 pointing down

-elbow to machine bottom right (-Y), link2 pointing up

-elbow to machine bottom left (Y), link2 pointing up

I also changed set_automatic_targets so that when phase is less than 0.6, elbow is at bottom, link2 pointing up. When it’s more than 0.6, straight up, link2 pointing up.

Physical Changes: I changed the scale of Robot ‘left’ body from 1.0 to 0.75, and I did not change the scale of its elbow and link2. I increased the Robot ‘right’ body’s mass by 10. I also rotated the two robots so that they are slightly facing each other. It looked as if they were communicating with each other. Because I decreased the scale of one component of Robot ‘left,’ its link2 kept hitting the ground and eventually rotated at the end.