Submerged aquatic vegetation flowing underwater

For my curtain animation, I noticed how if I used the left and the right commands to mix up the curtain chains, they begin to flow in a seemingly random way when the wave command is used. Obviously it isn’t random — it’s physics. However, the uncontrolled degrees of freedom allow for variation and complex combinations of movements that make the curtains seem to flow in an un-ordered fashion. I wanted to create the scene of submerged aquatic vegetation flowing at the bottom of a shallow body of water. To accomplish this illusion, I duplicated the curtain robot to have a front middle and back curtain. The front and back have 16 chains while the middle one has only 13 to add to the disorder of the system. I also flipped the camera upside down and reduced the gravity of the environment to be only 1 m/s^2. This, along with the blue background is my best attempt at making the robot appear underwater. Maybe this string of input commands could also be used to create a scene with fire or something of that nature.