For this exercise, I modified world “controls” by inserting one more sensor two-link robot and one wobbly robot. The center two-link robot is remotely controlled through keyboard, and other two two-link robots keep rotating until it detects an object. The wobbly robot keeps roaming around. I made keys that make the center-two-link robot spin in different directions in different speed or pause by making the torque to 0. In a tiny space with four robots, the center robot tries to move freely but some robots get in its way. I tried to express freedom through the remotely-controlled robot by making it spin fast for some duration when nothing is blocking its way. Also, I attempted to express feeling of being ashamed or being sorry when the center robot hits another robot by pausing its motor. Other two robots with sensors detects and stares at the center robot as if they are telling it to move out of their way. The purpose of inserting a wobbly robot is to show that it does not mind getting pushed around because it just wobbles and tries to keep moving.