Idea 1: Mousetrap type object with a running 2 dof mouse and a 3dof mousetrap. The mouse runs around and avoids the trap if moving too slowly and/or suddenly. The user moves the trap around and tries to “catch” the mouse. Want to investigate the idea of intelligence and what it means to have intent when the movement itself resembles a recognizable interaction.

Idea 2: A fencing duo on a robotic piste. The robot can move linearly along the piste (not sure if wheels or on a track/belt) and has a 2 dof fencing foil on top. Similar rules to real fencing (initiative, first to touch, etc.) but with the added challenge that the other robot can read your inputs and react accordingly. Should be fun to explore how we rate intelligence in terms of our ability to outsmart the object.

Idea 3: A weird performance that involves to robotic arms taking each other apart. Each portion that removes might remove some amount of control and/or a degree of freedom on a joint. Eventually they won’t be able to continue anymore. There is a macabre exploration of what it means to acknowledge one’s own existence and what it means to be “alive”/where that boundary is.