As I was doing research on robotics, I found a new field of robotics called “necrobotics.”

Researchers in this field converted the corpse of wolf spiders into grippers that can manipulate objects. Despite the amazing capabilities it shows, it also arises a new ethical concerns. Is it acceptable to use corpse of species to manipulate them or even develop them further to create a functional robot? Would this be limited to insects or animal? Would it be applicable to human bodies? The ethics of biohybrid robots have not been directly addressed, and through this project, I would like to raise the awareness of ethical problems related to using biological components to create robots.

Here is the sketch of my proposed project. It will have a puppetry appearance. During the performance state, the robot will be seen as a lively and even actively, but as soon as it reaches rest state, it will stop all actuations and seem depressed of being controlled all the time.