Exercise: Project Idea

Please write a short blog post on the RCP project site outlining three possible performance projects. For now, please focus on the overall conceptual approach, although please identify any critical technical development.

A key technique for resolving an idea within limitations is Why-How Laddering (cached copy), a process of abstraction and resolution. For a specific artistic impulse, please consider the “why”: what question does this answer, or why is this of interest? This can reveal a more abstract form of the idea, which in turn can be resolved into other execution forms. Iterating this process can focus an idea to help ensure the result will be fully considered.

Learning Objectives

  1. Developing an artistic concept for a kinetic sculpture installation.

  2. Visualizing a kinetic visual representation of an artistic concept.

  3. Refining the essential artistic question via abstraction and resolution.

  4. Scaling an idea to match technical constraints and resolving it within limitations.

  5. Identifying essential technical unknowns.

Prompt Questions

These are suggested points of reflection, not an outline of requirements:

  • What role do you envision for the human performer?

  • How is the performer role balanced with machine physical expression and autonomy?

  • How does the physicality of the work create somatic empathy?

  • What is your artistic inquiry?

  • How does your choice of materials and form support this inquiry?

  • How does your choice of behavior (movement and interaction) support this inquiry?

  • How is this personal?


Short blog post outlining three specific project ideas. Please include for each:

  • A sentence or so of physical description.

  • A sketch illustrating the idea.