Day 5: (Tue Sep 13, Week 3) Locus of Intuition

Notes for 2022-09-13.

New Assignments

  1. New assignment (part 1), due Thursday: bring a paper or digital sketch of a device you will model and program in Webots for the following Tuesday. Not too complex; needs to be rigid-body; may include both unactuated joints; needs at least one actuated joint; may be fixed or free; may be solo or have props.


  1. Real time experiment with Stable Diffusion.

  2. Opening comments.

  3. Review assignment videos.

  4. New assignment.

  5. Discussion about open questions: kinetic form, sculptural form, performance interface, autonomous behaviors, and generative movement.

  6. Breakout session: In what ways do we intuit a shared physicality?

    • What kind of visceral, emotional experience could you envision?

    • What kind of form and movement would suggest that to you?

  7. Strengths and weaknesses of Webots robot modeling. (once again out of time, will do this Thursday)

    1. review of node tree

    2. proto files

    3. walk through the two-link example in some depth

    4. sensor nodes