Day 10: (Thu Sep 29, Week 5) Phase Two: Physical

Notes for 2022-09-29.

New Assignments

  1. Current assignment, due Tuesday: Exercise: Simulation Duo.


  • Is everyone qualified for the IDeATe laser cutters?

  • Rough plan leading up to Fall Break:

    Tue Oct 4, Week 6

    demo the duo live simulation performances

    Thu Oct 6, Week 6

    brainstorm final show projects

    Tue Oct 11, Week 7

    demo the physical performance exercise

    Thu Oct 13, Week 7

    settle project pairs and tentative show plan

    Week 8

    Fall Break


  1. Discuss short-term course plan.

  2. Quick overview of physical resources.

  3. Tools shape the art; which will fit your concept?

  4. Brief tour of HL A10A.

  5. Short look at Shutterbox code from Tuesday

  6. Brainstorming session for current partnered exercise.

Potential Topics

  • live performance: MIDI, OSC, wearable sensors, Ableton Live, improvisation

  • staging: DMX lighting

  • choreography: motion capture, generative animation, composition

  • robot design: actuators, mechanisms, articulated structures, linkages

  • robot programming: forward and inverse kinematics, trajectory generation, feedback control, signal processing

  • real-time programming: event loops, state machines, networking

  • stretch topics: elementary computer vision, elementary machine learning

Performance Resources

  1. setting and dressing

    • laser-cut plywood

    • 3D-printed artifacts and mechanisms

    • found and purchased artifacts

    • feathers

    • fabric

    • multiples and ensembles

  2. actuation and movement

    • stepper motors

    • hobby servos

    • DC motors

    • low-pressure pneumatics

    • mechanical energy storage (springs and counterweights)

    • underactuated mechanisms

    • out-of-plane 3D motions

  3. sensing and interaction

    • switches and photointerrupters

    • IR range sensors

    • sonar proximity sensors

    • machine vision

  4. choreography and animation

    • real-time Python control system, scripting, motion generation

    • MIDI performer input

    • MIDI sequencing

    • traditional trapezoidal motion control

    • idiosyncratic physical interfaces, e.g. puppet controller

  5. light and shadow

    • Source Four lights

    • Soraa LED lights

    • Neopixel LED lights

    • DMX lighting fixtures

    • shadows: wall, scrim, ceiling, etc.

  6. sound and music

    • motor sound

    • actuated physical instruments

    • synthesized or prerecorded sound