Day 11: (Tue Oct 4, Week 6) Suitcase Testbed

Notes for 2022-10-04.

New Assignments

  1. New individual assignment, due Thursday: Exercise: Project Idea

  2. New pair assignment, due in a week: Exercise: Suitcase Test

Upcoming Events

  • The IDeATe T-shirt contest is still looking for entries.

  • Friday, Oct 7, 4:45PM, HL A5: FrIDeATe event, featuring Mad Mex burritos, and possibly the public display of the T-shirt contest entries.

  • Friday, Oct 7, 7:00PM, CFA 111: Vision Machines: a lineup of moving-image works focused on artists working with/against robots that see.



  1. Live performances of Exercise: Simulation Duo results.

  2. Introduce the new assignment.

  3. Technical walkthrough of the suitcase testbed.