Day 19: (Tue Nov 8, Week 11) Proof-of-Concept

Notes for 2022-11-08.

New Assignments

  1. Special material requests due Thursday. Please make copy of the following sheet to use as a template for communicating your ongoing requests: RCP-F22 Material Loans and Purchases.


General upcoming schedule:

Week 11

finalize design, order materials, fabricate

Week 12

fabricate parts, assemble

Week 13

demo mechanism, Thanksgiving

Week 14

debug, program, practice, final show prep

Week 15

documentation and final critique


  1. Review proof-of-concept results from Exercise: Proof-of-Concept.

  2. Discussion of schedule.

  3. Discussion of performance.

  4. Pairs will decide on the next video milestone for Nov 15.

  5. Pairs will develop their materials lists.